Barbecued Ribs
The House Specialty! Slow roasted pork loin back ribs basted in our homemade sweet & sour barbecue sauce. $19.99
Half Rack $15.99

Bourbon Steak Tips
Tenderloin tips sauteed in Jim Beam bourbon with mushrooms, garlic and green onions. Served with rice pilaf and soup or salad. $19.99

Roasted Prime Rib Au Jus
Available Friday and Saturday
14 oz. Cut $25.99    10 oz. Cut $21.99

Fish and Seafood

Sizzling Shrimp Scampi
Jumbo shrimp sauteed in fresh garlic & herb butter, then served in a sizzling cast iron skillet. $21.99

Seafood Cioppino
A San Francisco favorite. Tender haddock, shrimp, scallops and mussels steamed in a zesty garlic & tomato broth, served with garlic bread. $24.99

Coconut Shrimp
Hand breaded coconut shrimp, deep fried to a golden brown, tossed in an amaretto cream sauce, served in a coconut shell. $22.99

Broiled Jumbo Shrimp
Large Gulf shrimp, served with drawn butter. $26.99

Northwoods Canadian Walleye
10 oz. of fresh walleye fillet served beer battered or broiled almandine. $20.99
Light Walleye Platter $16.99

Twin Tail Lobster Dinner
Two 10-12 oz. lobster tails. Please allow an extra 20 minutes for preparation. Ask your server for market price.

Maple Bacon Shrimp
Grilled jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon and brushed with a maple glaze. $21.99

Hickory Plank Roast Salmon
Fresh north atlantic salmon dipped in a ginger & soy marinade, broiled on a hickory plank and topped with an orange glaze. $18.99

Parmesan Crusted Atlantic Haddock
Baked Atlantic haddock dusted with a parmesan herb breading. $13.95

All of the dinners below include fresh baked bread loaf with strawberry butter and the following choices unless specified otherwise.
Soup or Salad – Tossed, Spinach, or Caesar salad, French Onion or Sherried Mushroom soup. Potato or Vegetable – roasted baby red potatoes, baked potato, homemade fries, wild rice pilaf, fresh vegetable of the day, twice baked potato or fettuccini alfredo. (vegetable, twice baked or fettuccini additional $.75)

Char-Broiled Steaks

All cuts USDA Choice

Sizzling Steak Gorgonzola
Center cut sirloin topped with sauteed peppers & onion and gorgonzola cheese, served in a sizzling cast iron skillet. $19.99

Whiskey Cola BBQ Ribeye
12 oz. Ribeye first marinated in a whiskey cola mixture, seasoned, char-broiled and brushed with a whiskey cola BBQ sauce. $23.99

Charbroiled Ribeye
12 oz. hand-cut ribeye, lightly seasoned and char-broiled. $22.99

Top Sirloin
A hearty 10 oz. cut. $21.99

Light Top Sirloin
6 oz. Center cut top sirloin. $15.99

Filet Mignon
Thick cut, 10 oz. USDA choice beef tenderloin. $29.99

Petite Filet
6 oz. USDA choice tenderloin, our most tender cut. $22.99


Steak & Shrimp
6 oz. Sirloin with shrimp served broiled, battered. coconut or maple bacon. $24.99

Steak & Walleye
6 oz. Sirloin and fresh Canadian walleye, served battered or broiled almandine. $22.99

Steak & Lobster
6 oz. Sirloin served with a 10-12 oz. lobster tail. Please allow an extra 20 minutes for lobster preparation. Market price.

Steak & Ribs
6 oz. Sirloin served with a half rack of our tender barbecued ribs. $22.99

Ribs & Shrimp
Half rack of barbecued ribs with shrimp served broiled, battered, coconut or maple bacon. $24.99

Chicken & Ribs
Char broiled chicken breast and our tender BBQ ribs. $21.99

Ribs & Walleye
Our tender BBQ ribs and fresh Canadian walleye, served battered or broiled almandine. $22.99

Substitute a petite filet on any steak combination for an additional $5.00



Fire Seasoned Flaming Shrimp
Gulf shrimp sauteed in spicy herbs, garlic & lime, then flamed with tequila at your table in a cast iron skillet. $11.49

Steamed Mussels
One pound of mussels steamed in a wine and garlic broth, served with garlic bread. $9.29

Baked Artichokes
Artichoke hearts baked in a sweet creamy Alfredo & herb butter sauce then topped with Jack cheese. $9.29

Battered Fried Cauliflower
Fresh cauliflower buds coated in our own batter and served with cheese sauce. $7.99

Smoked Salmon
Served with flatbread crisps, cracked pepper cream cheese & northern Minnesota raspberry  pepper jelly. $9.99

Seafood Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Herb butter baked mushroom caps filled with a delicate blend of shrimp, crab, Jack and cheddar cheese. $8.99

Diced tomato, onion and garlic mixed with olive oil and basil, served on baguette bread slices topped with balsamic vinaigrette. $7.99

Portabella Fries
Sliced portabella mushrooms hand breaded in Oriental bread crumbs and served with horseradish ranch dressing. $8.49

Combo Platter
A mix of our deep fried onion rings, battered cauliflower, mozzarella sticks and portabella fries. Served with cheese sauce and Italian dipping sauce. $9.99


Steakhouse Burger
Half pound ground sirloin, topped with smoked cheddar and bacon, served with homemade fries. $9.49

Mushroom Swiss Burger
Half pound ground sirloin, topped with fresh mushrooms and Swiss cheese, served with homemade fries. $9.49

Italian Favorites

Served with a tossed, spinach or Caesar salad and fresh breadloaf.

Fresh Basil Chicken
Chicken breast sauteed in white wine, garlic, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil & cream. Served with rice pilaf. $15.99

Shrimp Fettuccini
Fettuccini noodles covered with Gulf shrimp in a garlic herb Alfredo sauce. $18.99

Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo
Sauteed chicken breast and fettuccini noodles ladled with creamy Alfredo sauce. $14.49

Shrimp Manicotti
Manicotti noodles stuffed with five cheeses, covered with Gulf shrimp and your choice of creamy Alfredo sauce or a tomato basil sauce. $14.99

Ala Carte

Fettuccini with Italian Sauce    $3.99
Fettuccini with Alfredo Sauce    $3.99
Wild Rice Pilaf    $3.29
Baked Potato of Baby Reds    $2.99
Twice Baked Potato    $3.49
Tossed, Spinach or Caesar Salad    $3.69
Bowl of Soup    $4.49
Fresh Vegetable of the Day    $3.99


Coffee- reg. or decaf    $1.59
Hot Tea- reg. or decaf    $1.79
Herbal Teas    $1.79
Iced Tea- bottomless glass    $1.89
Lemonade- bottomless glass    $1.89
Soft Drinks    $1.79
Milk    $1.39….. $1.99
Chocolate Milk    $1.49 ….. $2.09